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Genia in Tokyo

Evgenia Obraztsova(Mariinsky soloist) & Mathieu Ganio(Paris Opera principal) danced "Romeo & Juliet" in Tokyo.
One of my friends caught them at the theater entrance. July 30, 2010

Ne me quitte pas

A supreme piece skated by Stephane Lambiel, choreographed for a chanson of Jacques  Brel.



Ne me quitte pas       If you go away
Il faut oublier                 I have to forget 
Tout peut s'oublier           All the things I can 
Qui s'enfuit deja           Things already gone away
Oublier le temps       To forget our times 
Des malentendus               Of misunderstanding
Et le temps perdu      Our times lost
A savoir comment       To know how  
Oublier ces heures       To forget these hours  
Qui tuaient parfois       With an wanton blow
A coups de pourquoi    Coincidentaly can kill 
Le coeur du bonheure       Our heart of happiness
Ne me quitte pas (4 fois)   So don't go away
                                                   Don't leave me alone

Moi je t'offrirai             I would offer you
Des perles du pluie      Pearls made of rain
Venues de pays                  came from the country
Ou il ne pleut pas               Where never rain falls
Je creuserai la terre     I should cruise on the earth 
Jusqu'apres ma mort    Even after my death
Pour couvrir ton corps    Searching for your corpse
D'or et de lumiere                Of golden and light
Je ferai un domaine     I would make a kingdom 
Ou l'amour sera roi      Where love is the king 
Ou l'amour sera loi      Where love is the law
Ou tu seras reine       And you are the queen
Ne me quitte pas (4 fois)  So don't go away
                                                      Don't leave me alone

Ne me quitte pas       Don't go away
Je t'inventerai            I would invent
Des mots insensés     The words without sense  
Que tu comprendras             That you can only understand
Je te parlerai             I would tell you
De ces amants là       About these lovers
Qui ont vu deux fois      Just saw each other two times
Leurs coeurs s'embraser    had their souls entangled
Je te racont'rai             I would talk to you
L'histoire de ce roi        The story of the king
Mort de n'avoir pas                Dies before having
Pu te rencontrer                     The chance to meet you
Ne me quitte pas (4 fois)  So don't go away
                                                      Don't leave me alone

On a vu souvent        Sometimes they saw 
Rejaillir le feu             Too ancient a volcano
De l'ancien volcan                 Supposed to be dead
Qu'on croyait trop vieux        Blasting the fire
Il est paraît-il               It resembles
Des terres brûlées       The burned out land 
Donnant plus de blé     Could give more of wheat
Qu'un meilleur avril                Than that of April
Et quand vient le soir     And when the evening comes
Pour qu'un ciel flamboie   For a sky to flaming up 
Le rouge et le noir        With red and black
Ne s'épousent-ils pas           Who can never marry
Ne me quitte pas (4 fois)   So don't go away
                                                        Don't leave me alone

Ne me quitte pas         Don't go away
Je ne veux plus pleurer     I don't want to cry any more
Je ne veux plus parler      I don't want to speak any more 
Je me cacherai là          Rather I would hide 
A te regarder              To watch you
Danser et sourire         Dance and smile
Et à t'écouter                To hear you
Chanter et puis rire             Sing and laugh
Laisse-moi devenir                    Let me become
L'ombre de ton ombre      The shadow of your shadow
L'ombre de ta main         The shadow of your hand
L'ombre de ton chien       The shadow of your  dog
Ne me quitte pas (4 fois)     So don't go away
                                                          Don't leave me alone


The True Bromance

Twins are mysterious...
When they are conjoined, their relationship is physically, spiritually, so intense, intimate and hurtful that no one seems to come across between them... like they are eternal soul mates.

After watching this, I felt like I could not be completed without conjoined other half and doomed to be alone...

Revisiting Sebastian Flyte...

Slowly but steadily I'm becoming obsessed with Sebastian Flyte of the movie"Brideshead Revisited".
(And this is a sneak preview of my entry on our magazine "New Bohemians")


"He  was magically beautiful, with that epicene quality which in extreme youth sings aloud for love and withers at the first cold wind."

He wanted impossible Arcadia:

"If only it could be like this always

 Always summer

 Always alone

 Fruits always ripe"

But deep down, he knew he would fail:

"I should like to bury something precious in everywhere I've been happy.

 And then, when I was old and ugly and miserable,

 I could come back and dig it up and remember."

And he was exquisitely "contra mundum":

"Its naughtiness was high in the catalogue of grave sins."

So, inevitably was going to destroy himself.

After loosing his youth, beauty, wealth, and health, he seemed to find his inner sanctuary and reach his own divinity which transcends mere religion.

Wow, I should write a fan fiction or something!



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